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Their analysis revealed that the Alaska Range now has an average of 5.4 metres (18 feet) of snow per year - up from an average of 2.4 metres (eight feet) per year from 1600-1840.The study suggests that warming tropical oceans have driven the increased snowfall by strengthening the northward flow of warm, moist air.According to the researchers, this increase in snowfall is evidence that climate change can trigger major increases in regional precipitation.

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Dr Erich Osterberg, lead author of the study, said: 'We were shocked when we first saw how much snowfall has increased.'We had to check and double-check our results to make sure of the findings.'The research was based on an analysis of two ice core samples collected at 13,000 feet from Mount Hunter in Alaska's Denali National Park.

The research builds on a previous study using the same ice cores that showed an intensification of winter storm activity in Alaska and Northwestern Canada, driven by the same strengthening 'Aleutian Low' system.

Mr Dominic Winski, an author of the study, said: 'Everywhere we look in the North Pacific, we're seeing this same fingerprint from warming tropical oceans.

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