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Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. like most ancient customs, manorial laws and regu- lations were introduced to meet a particular state of society, and are not ill-fitted to its wants. Tenure by a red rose at Midsummer was not uncommon. In the township of Maes Tyddin, in the parish of Clocaenog, is a large tumulus, on the summit of which was an upright stone with this inscription, amilin TOVi SATOO, Camden s Britannia. In the parish church is a handsome screen and rood loft of the fifteenth cen- tury. Asaph Pickstone, William, Esq., Maes Mynan, Oaerwys, Holywell Rhys, John, Esq., M.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. PA6B 1 History of the Lordship of Maelor Gym- raeg or Bromfield (continued) . By means of the courts leet and baron, justice was brought within the reach of all ; crimes against the person were dealt with, and the transfer of real property was rendered simple, expeditious and cheap, being under copy of courtro U with the delivery of seizin by the steward or seneschal. A dozen or more men of property and intelligence, residing in the manor, were chosen both to sit in court and, as here, to inquire into and report upon the boundaries and cus- toms of the manor. The provision that lodged the ward- ship of an infant in the hands of his next of kin, not the heir of the estates, seems sound. This stone has since been removed to Pool Park.^ On a bank about three quarters of a mile from the village, there is a place called Llys y Viynin, and there are some ruins of old buildings there. In the churchyard is a cross nine and a half feet high, with canopied niches, filled with various figures, carved in alto relievo.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. 2, Evan Lloyd, the second son of Rees of Wickwer, married Margaret, daughter of John, and had issue, — 1. Davydd Lloyd of Dinbach, who, by Alis ab Davydd (a word illegible) ab Robert had issue, — 1, John Lloyd, vicar of Groesffi^rd ; 2, Sir Hugh, curate of Rhyddland ; 3, Elen, wife of Robert ab Robert of Coder ; 4, Elizabeth, wife of Ffowke ab Thomas of Wickwaer ; 5, Ann, wife of John ab Wil Uam.

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The Castle, built probably in the Early English OOYTY CASTLB AND LORDSHIP.

A woman holds jointure lands for life only, though surrendered to her in court by rod. ] Michae Us et alia ad curiam primo tenendam post lahokedaye Ego vero predictus Paganus et heredes mei vel assignati mei predictas sex acras terras cum mora predicta predictis Johanni et Matildi et eorum heredibus et assignatis eorum ibimus abimus et defendemus in perpetuum In cujus rei testi- monium hanc cartam meam sigilli mei impressione roboravi Hiis testibus Philippo Purbygge Alano ...hodenech Johanne Denys Gulielmo filio Hamon de Turbervile et Eoberto de Can- telow tunc Senescallo meo et multis aliis. It is a hexagon with Gilbert de Turberyille, sixth lord of Oojty Richard Tarberville of Coyty Wilcock of Tjthegston Payne de Turoeryille, of Coyty, Hamo de Turberville of Tythegston married, temp, Edward III, ] Wenllian, d. The place of Henry de Turberviie in the pedigree is uuknown. The parishes of Abergeleu, Cegidog, and Bettws Wyrion Wgan, are in Is Dalas. Asaph Williams, Robert ap Hugh, Esq., Bdaelwyddan, St.

Infants may inherit at birth : the next of kin of the whole blood, not being heir, holds the property for the child, and is guardian of it till it reaches years of dis- cretion. 22 THE LORDSHIPS OF BROMFIELD, a central plain shield. This charter establishes the existence of Hamonj an- cestor of so many branches of the family, and is pro- bable evidence for the marriage of hia daughter Matilda with John Alger. The parishes of Llanddulas and Llanelian are in TTwch Dulas. Walter Evans, Halkin Rectory J Sees, MBRIONETHSHIRB.

Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. ] Ki CARDO fratre suo Thoma de Lond* et Walteuo fratre suo Et Johanne de Ka^rdenvilla Willi- ELMO Sleman Ade Waletis Gilberto de Turbervilla Waler- ANO filio Herberti Waleran Reginaldo de Bettestorne Hugone de Luvere Radulfo Fulcher do de Kajidenvilla Et Simone clerico Et multis aliis. ) ab Kynric ab Pasgen, and was father of Meredith, who married Angharad, daughter of Evan Gethin ab Madoc Kyffin, by whom he had issue three sons, — 1, leva, who by Morfydd, heiress of Griffith ab Adda ab Griffith of Dol- goch, had a daughter and heiress, Tangwystl, wife of Griffith Lloyd ab Llewelyn ab Ynyr ; 2, Llewelyn, whose son Llewelyn married Margaret, daughter of Evan ab Adda Ddu, and had issue Llewen, who married Llewelyn ab Gruffydd Lloyd ; 3, Rys, who, marrying Jane, daughter of Gruffudd ab Eva ab Adda Ddu, had issue, Ithel Vychan ab Rhys ab Madoc ab Blethin ab Bletrws (so says the MS., with a query), who married Alis, daughter of Gruflfudd ab Rees of Llandewe, and had issue Tudyr ab Ithel, who married Jonet, daughter of Llewelyn ab Blethin of Pantyloyd, and had a son, Griffith, who, by Nest, daughter and heiress of Tudyr ab Grono ab Blethin, descended from Llowarch Hol- bwrch, was father of Davydd, husband of Margaret, heiress of Davydd ab Llewellyn ab Tudyr ab Davydd Vychan, and father of Rees of Wickwer, who married THE TRIBE OF EDNOWAIN BENDEW.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. The seal of green wax is attached by a twisted cord of red and yellow silk. 1 9 later hand, " La chartr' Walt' Waler' du maner* de Meresfeld". 53 Nest, daughter of Evan ab Rees ab Grono ab Cynric ah Blethin, and had two sons, of whom, — 1. Asaph, Lord Lieutenant of Flintshire Mostyn, Sir Piers, Bart., Talacre, Rhyl St.

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