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it was an interesting concept for discussion that was pushed off the rails ...OP's concept of a doctrine of "Free Will AND Fatalism" isn't a theory I'd subscribe to but it's interesting that he does ...I know at this point that your blood pressure is at about max, and you are going to refer me to many conspriacy sites about what REALLY happened, and that the fire chief actually pushed the button that triggered the CD....... hahahahahaand you do know John Kerry admits that it was a controlled demo, which backs up those that heard Silversteinsay " pull it " a open not biased mind is a wonderful thingstatemachine500...yea, I seen a video of tattoo saying "the plane! ", but he has no opinion on the rest of this conspiracy stuff. Don't wait to "slap" (hahahahaa you're soooo tough) people for hypocrisy. We remember that they were defending Bush when he was spying your breath, as I have had this conversation with many other CN's, and they all end up frustrated. When he was asked, Ricardo Montalban, I mean Khan version one, was there to just drag him way, reminding him to remain on Fantasy Island and to mind his own business. Paul,that has to be the most simplistic explanation I have ever heard about the collapse of WTC7. Some rubble stretched the 300 plus feet and damaged wtc7 from ground level to a few stoties up,nothing major.wtc7 is the weakest of the cover up scenarios. This administration is doing it legally with the full consent of Congress.Talking to you is like talking to an eight year old.Then you give the "rense" site as proof of the "fact" that the plane was a 737...........Just like everything on the Internet, my alien theory is real.

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@Paul, I notice you didn't try to back up your silly assertions, I will be a nice guy and give you another day to come up with an [email protected] Tell you what,be safe,don't visit those sites. It makes waaaaay more sense than believing that thousands of people helped carry out this plot and then were able to keep their mouths shut. I'll take my alien theory...which you can't disprove, btw.As for CD,maybe you can enlighten us about WTC7 Paul. That means they went to skool for a long time Paul,you figure your laymans explanation is more informed? Publishing something means the publisher thinks they can make some money from it - it says exactly zero about it's truth or accuracy.The more I read about the Olson's,the less I like them. When my daughter was in Grade 7 or thereabouts, we had a bit of an argument about Wikipedia, and whether or not she should be using it as a research source for some essays she had been given.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Has it occurred to anyone here that the pentagon won't release any video's because they show a weakness in the security system. Saying that you can't kill people, and trying to control population because people have no self-discipline and we're over-burdening our planet or borders are different things.

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