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It's a serious commitment."The rise of online dating has, among other things, made it easier for people to narrow down who they're looking for. "People think they might know what they need in a partner, but those needs can end up being quite superficial," Rhoades says. That said, I wouldn't consider golf a superficial quality, mostly because of the time commitment it demands.

It's smart for golfers to find someone who's a golfer."Samantha, a 26-year-old Californian-turned-New Yorker, agrees.

She considered only guys who made mention of the sport, whether it was through a photo they'd posted or a reference in their short bio.

On a cold day in February, she came across a guy with whom she'd flirted at Chelsea Piers in December.

"I was trying to hit on him, and he wasn't having it," Samantha says.

"Turns out, he had just come out of a long relationship and wasn't ready to date.

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As a young single female who'd recently moved to a city that values a metropolitan lifestyle over an outdoorsy one, Samantha knew her chances of finding an avid golfer in Manhattan were slim. She frequented Chelsea Piers (a four-level, high-tech driving range on the Hudson River) in part to keep her game fresh, but also to meet guys.

After flirting with several men there but never converting those exchanges into dates, Samantha turned to Tinder.

I like keeping fit and have a load of interests including watching Golf,outdoors, cooking, tennis, fishing,...

I am a serious, quiet, well-balanced, humorous, cheerful, kind, responsible, hardworking and tender-hearted lady. Am pursuing a career in the legal field And l must confess am... Loves sports,food, music,beach, and Oh yea...I mention golf.

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