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Finally, the term image can be applied to either a partition, one portion of a hard disk, or to an entire hard disk.While making image backups of specific partitions can have value, only an image backup of an entire hard disk can be used to restore to a replacement hard disk.Now, to be fair, it’ll also be like any work you did on your machine after you upgraded will also never have happened, so you might want to back upback up your Windows 10 installation, or at least your data files, prior to restoring your machine to that prior version of Windows.You didn’t take a backup image prior to the upgrade?An image of a hard disk refers to a copy of all files, folders, and overhead information stored on the disk, including the information required to boot.Another definition used less frequently is that an image is a copy of every sector on the disk, , as well as their physical layout. An image by the first definition is all that is needed for backup purposes.

(One positive side effect is that often a restored hard disk has no fragmentation.)The second, when restored, places all files in exactly the same physical location as the original and restores all unused sectors as well, thus enabling deleted-file data recovery and potentially other forensic techniques.

If your computer came with media that allows you to restore it to its original factory settings, that will typically include restoring it to the operating system that the machine came with – presumably Windows 7 or 8.1.

: restoring to factory settings implies you’ll lose everything on your machine – any programs you’ve installed since you got it, and all of your files.

Vedle toho se děti dozvědí to nejdůležitější o světoznámých divadelních festivalech, např.

kdo je scénograf, dramaturg, jevištní mistr, inspicient; co znamená ferman, foyer, komedie, improvizace, groteska, historická hra atd.

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