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Most crimes in Arkansas are defined by the Arkansas Criminal Code.

It is vital to understand that criminal cases are brought by the State, not the victim of the crime.

Emergency services, such as ambulances and fire department response teams, may be required.

Depending on the size of the law enforcement agency, the first officer on the scene may not be the individual who completes the investigation.

After the initial report is taken, a detective, or another officer with specialized skills, may be assigned to the case.

Jurisdiction regarding law enforcement agencies' responsibilities, as they relate to a particular crime, can vary.

Officers may need to revisit the crime scene and talk to victims and witnesses previously interviewed.When a crime occurs, law enforcement officers are normally the first to respond.These officers may need to provide protection and assistance to persons with physical injuries and/or emotional trauma.A Crime Victim's Guide to the Justice System in Arkansas was written to assist victims of crime in better understanding the Arkansas criminal justice system so they are more able to exercise their rights.It is also designed to inform victims of services available to them throughout the state including shelter, cash assistance, counseling, and private support organizations.

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